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Bodybuilding Supplements: Egg White Protein Powders

Protein Powders to the Rescue

It can be difficult to get enough protein from whole foods. Fortunately, a wide variety of protein supplements is now available.

Four of the most common types of protein found in protein supplements are whey, casein, soy, and egg (ovalbumin) proteins. Each of these proteins is a complete protein, and all are classified as high quality proteins.

Soy, milk and egg, and whey powders each have their own special advantages. They also come in a wide variety of flavors to keep things interesting.

Egg Protein & Egg Protein Powders

Egg protein is another form of protein powder. Before whey protein was introduced to the marketplace, egg protein was considered the top of the line in protein supplements. Now it ranks right below whey protein.

Egg protein is considered to be the most nearly perfect source of protein because its amino acid pattern most nearly matches that needed for human growth. Like whey and soy proteins, egg protein contains a full spectrum of amino acids, it is also fat and cholesterol free due to the fact that is extracted from pure egg white through a variety of extraction and drying techniques (dehydrating the egg white).

Pros and Cons of Egg White Protein Powder

Pros and Cons of Egg White Protein Powder

Pros and Cons of Egg White Protein Powder (Supplements)


  • Egg protein powders are made with pure egg white protein. They don’t contain egg yolk, making them low in fat and cholesterol free.
  • Offers the ideal mix of essential amino acids needed by the body to build and maintain muscle.
  • Egg protein powder is lactose-free as well. It is ideal for those who are allergic to dairy or milk proteins.
  • Egg protein is also a high quality protein and has the advantage of being a miscible protein (it mixes easily in solution).
  • Egg protein is a medium-digesting protein, meaning it’ll keep you satisfied for a longer period of time than fast-digesting protein (such as whey protein – fast-assimilating protein). Because of that it is ideal as a mid-day snack to fight against afternoon cravings and to help tide you over until dinner.
  • Egg white protein powder contains minimal amounts of carbohydrates (2 grams per scoop), so including it in your diet can certainly help in your weight loss goals.
  • Egg protein powders are rich in vitamins and minerals that can contribute to a healthy diet.
  • The PER and PDCAAS of egg protein are similar to that of milk protein and only slightly lower than that of casein, whey and bovine colostrum.


  • Egg protein supplements generally do not taste good and are more expensive than other protein supplements. For these reasons, along with the availability of other high quality proteins such as whey, casein, and soy, egg protein supplementation is not popular among athletes.
  • Common allergen (eggs).
  • Traces of antibiotics, hormones and other pharmaceuticals may be present in the egg white protein powder if the raw material utilized was sourced from factory-farmed eggs.
  • Sometimes the egg yolk is included as well, although most egg protein supplements rely solely on the egg whites (also called egg albumen).

The Effects of Egg Protein on Nitrogen Retention

A number of studies have evaluated the effects of egg protein on nitrogen retention and physiological adaptations to training in comparison to other types of protein. Results of these studies generally indicate that egg protein is as effective as milk protein, casein, and whey in promoting nitrogen retention (Gattas et al. 1992; Gattas 1990; Puntis et al. 1989). Nitrogen retention is a key component of the process of nitrogen balance. Specifically, if nitrogen is retained, then nitrogen balance is said to be positive and is an indication that nitrogen is being used to make lean tissue.

Egg White Protein Supplements

Egg White Protein Supplements

Egg Protein Powder Practical Uses

  • Egg protein powder can be an excellent ingredient to regular breakfast fares like pancakes.
  • You can also make sumptuous crepes from egg protein powder.

Summing Up (Conclusion)

Sometimes in light of convenience and appropriate timing, athletes prefer to take some of their protein in the form of a supplement or shake. All protein sources are unique in the various combinations and amounts of amino acids they contain. Eggs protein supplements (powders) provide a valuable, high-quality protein source for athletes that assists in preventing muscle breakdown, maintaining lean body mass, sparking the recovery of damaged muscle, and building new muscle. If you eat organic or cage-free eggs as part of your diet, you should look for the same in a powder. This may be hard to find, however, so consider opting for organic pasteurized liquid egg whites as an alternative.


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