Funny Protein Shake Commercial


Funny Protein Shake Commercial

‘Naughty’ ad for protein shake

One of the only problems with protein shake supplements is the shaking you have to do beforehand. Why? Well, in fairness, it can look like you’re up to something else…

I think this is the funniest protein shake advertisement ever! You might want to think twice before you start shaking in public! 😉

The joke is: the hand action when you’re shaking up a For Goodness Shakes protein drink is a little bit like the hand action when a man is masturbating. They are actually struggling with the daily problems of weightlifters everywhere – mixing up that protein powder into a smooth, delicious drink.

Unfortunately, this funny protein shake commercial has been banned from TV for alluding to masturbation. This is really not fair! If you’ve ever taken protein supplements in the form of a shake you’ll know exactly how this feels…

The ad shows only the upper bodies of men who appear to be masturbating in public, with one man appearing to ejaculate on to a woman’s back. And what’s the big deal!?

My Goodness, who produce the shakes, claim their latest product needs “vigorous and constant shaking” and market it at the end of the ad with: “We shake for you … the protein shake without the shaker.”

This funny protein shake commercial was originally made for television, but folks at the ASA (Advertising Standards Association) tossed it around and decided to pull it off the air waves.

But this is great news for the good people at For Goodness Shakes. Controversy sells. Any communication piece that “gets banned” will gain loads of interest on the internet and its many different media outlets. A small protein drink company in London is now making some international noise thanks to something only a few people might find offensive.


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