Motorcycle Wheelie Bench Press


Motorcycle Wheelie Bench Press

Motorcycle Wheelie Bench Press! As if pulling off a motorcycle wheelie wasn’t dangerous enough, this guy decides to bench press some weights at the same time! This should be on the next chest day. Training chest on a public road while doing a wheelie with better range of motion than most average gym goers.

Do we trust a guy wearing a bulging motorcycle jacket with preset 8-pack abs? Those weights are looking pretty fake. Of course, bench pressing while popping a wheelie on a motorcycle is fake, but still impressive. Fake bar and flat tire but still requires lots of core strength, coordination, and balance to stay stable like that. To be honest, the tire isn’t flat, it’s low on pressure to make slow wheelies easier, and yes the bar isn’t real – but that’s not the point…

And make sure you watch the video to the end when this guy’s awesomeness becomes so intense that he actually [spoiler alert]sets his back tire on fire and then turns into a transformer.

No one should ever attempt this trick – there are ways to be manly and cool without risking a broken spine. Are you able to bench press in unique situations?

Be sure to check back tomorrow for our exclusive video of a guy on a motorcycle doing a wheelie while bench pressing another guy on a motorcycle who’s simultaneously using a laptop to make a disparaging comment on a blog post about a “meh” motorcycle stunt. With a rat in his mouth.


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