Standing Cable Oblique Crunch


Standing Cable Oblique Crunch

Standing cable oblique crunch will give your oblique (side) abs a great workout and help eliminate love handles. You can do this abdominal exercise either standing or kneeling.

Standing Oblique Crunch Technique

Attach a D-handle to the upper pulley and stand sideways (a few feet away) to the weight stack. Your right side and arm are facing the weight stack. Grab the handle with your inside hand (using an underhand grip) and pull it down so your palm is in line with your head and your elbow points straight down. More precisely, pull the handle down until your right hand is roughly between your shoulder and your nose. Keep your left hand on your hip.

Standing Cable Oblique Crunch

Standing Cable Oblique Crunch

Contract through your obliques, crunching your rib cage sideways toward your hip bone on the same side as the arm holding the pulley. Direct your elbow to the hip, and always keep your hand in the same position relative to your head. You should feel your obliques contracting forcefully. If you use the proper form and crunch to the side rather than to the front, you’ll move only a few inches. Pause for a moment at the peak contraction before slowly returning to the start. At the top, you can hyperextend slightly to get a good stretch through your side before beginning the next repetition. Finish all the reps on that side, then repeat with your opposite side toward the weight stack.

Additional Tips & Key Points

  • Don’t use heavy weights.
  • Only your obliques should be pulling the weight down (not your arms).
  • Keep the arm that’s holding the cable fixed at all times.
  • Don’t put pressure on your back.
  • Avoid swinging or jerking the cable. Instead, perform smooth, clean repetitions.

Muscles Involved in Standing Cable Oblique Crunches

It works the internal and external obliques, which run along the sides of the upper and lower abdomen.

Primary muscles involved: obliques, serratus anterior

Secondary muscles involved: rectus abdominis

Exercise Variations

To make this exercise easier, you can keep the handle close to your body or set up closer to the cable machine. To make this exercise even more harder, you can keep the handle or weight farther away from your body. You can also set up farther away from the cable machine.

Replacement Exercise

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