That moment when your first vein appears


That moment when your first vein appears!

Past positive thinking, motivation is one of the most fundamental concepts in bodybuilding psychology. Without being highly motivated, you’ll never become a champion. Just look at this guy. Yeah, this is what you call motivation. This is what drives you! This awesome funny bodybuilder is the best example.

Have you ever been working a muscle group and suddenly notice a change in your body? It could be a vein in your shoulder or arm, a new ripple in your abs, or how slim you look when you tuck in your shirt. The best part of these moments is they usually come as a surprise (totally unexpected) and make you think “woh” in your mind.

Sometimes it takes weeks of hard training and diet to get one of these surprise creations, but it is well worth it. In this funny video you can see how thrilled this guy is after discovering one of these surprises.

You’re not a real bodybuilder unless you have those pipe-like veins coursing through your body. For bodybuilders, seeing a vein pop out of an arm or shoulder is a silent moment of pride. We have to just look at it. But in this funny video there’s no place for silence. This is the event you just have to share with the whole world. And off course, with your mom!

Do you remember your first vein? Obviously there’s no better feeling after a workout than looking in the mirror and seeing a new vein. So what’s you favorite? Which one do you wish to have?

Video credit: @jeff_fitness


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