The Highest Flying Push-Up of All Time


Man Pulls Off Insane “Flying” Push-Up

A New Record: Man Performs 4.5-Foot Flying Push-Up

If you’ve never heard of the flying push-up, prepare to be amazed. Watch this 12 second video of a man named Ahmed Kerigo performing the highest flying push-up of all time – 1.36 metres high. Ahmed (“Iron Monkey”) Kerigo is one strong dude. Funny nickname! What is even better is this ridiculous move, where he leaps from the floor, to a 4.5 foot height, using just a push-up motion. Just straight up raw power and determination. It has to be seen to be believed.

As you can notice from this motivational video, the move starts with Kerigo doing a normal pushup, but instead of returning to his initial position he launches himself into the air. He then grabs onto an object and completes another push-up. It is truly amazing.

Still, I’m very, very impressed with that sheer strength and balance of Ahmed Kerigo. The leader of a group of hardcore calisthenics and fitness junkies called Team Physix-Zero Gravity, Kerigo goes by the name of Iron Monkey, which is just great.

Push-ups are one of the most relied upon exercises to build strength in the upper chest region. Though if you have been diligent with your pushup routine for any length of time, you start to notice that the standard push-up loses it’s difficulty. Luckily, we have different ways of doing push-ups that make them much harder. The human body is amazing in how it can perform some incredible feats of strength.

If you break your face trying this at home, don’t come crying to us… I can’t imagine how bad it would hurt to face plant at the height he’s working with.


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