Worst deadlift ever


Worst Deadlift Ever – Awkward Workout Video

Worst deadlift ever! That’s not really funny, but I just didn’t have any other category to put it in.

That would have to be the worst deadlift form I have ever seen. Honestly – every single element was wrong! I can’t believe he was so excited and happy over that horrible form. I think this man has passed diesel weasel as having the worst deadlift form ever. I got a herniated disc just from watching that. My own back actually straightened while watching this awkward video. He really needs to calm his ego and train properly with lower weights. 

It’s really hard to watch, or even know that someone is doing that horrible of form, but unless you have the mass to convince them you are right (sometimes the way you look is more convincing than what you say), then you just have to stay out of that fight, and work harder on doing your own form correctly next time you do that exercise.

Don’t insult him guys! He just didn’t find the person who tells him how to do it properly. Can someone please slap him now and show him how? I hope he trains his arms the right way because he’ll need them for his wheelchair. My advice for this guy: Take a two week break. Then retire.


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