Tired of spending hours in the gym without getting the results you want? Following this 4-days-per-week split workout routine you’ll not lose your precious time. This extremely effective training program is designed to be performed at home, using basic home gym equipment and your own body weight.

A mass building routine that features a great combination of effective compound movements (using free weights and body weight) along with intense, high impact supersets and giant sets.

Basic information about this 4-days-per-week split workout routine

  • Workout type: 4-day split program. A 4-day split entails training the entire body over the course of four workouts.
  • Location: Home gym training (or at the gym)
  • Equipment required: Power tower fitness station, free weights (dumbbells, barbell), exercise bench, squat rack, exercise band
  • Main goal: Build muscle (muscle hypertrophy)
  • Days per week: 4
  • Program duration: 8 weeks
  • Training level: Intermediate to advanced exercisers (not suitable for beginners) due to use of supersets and giant sets.
  • Intensity: Choose the heaviest weight that allows you to complete all of the prescribed repetitions without compromising the proper technique. In other words, your main goal is to lift weights that are heavy enough so that you reach muscle failure after each set (you start to struggle with the last two reps in a set). Experiment.
  • # of sets and repetitions: As prescribed for each exercise
  • NotesCardio in this program refers to a low-intensity steady-state cardio (30-40 minutes). High-intensity cardio refers to HIIT cardio – involves intervals of high-intensity exercise – at a rate near 90% MHR – followed by intervals of slower-paced active recov­ery (15-20 minutes).

Advantages & disadvantages of this training program

Greater volumeAverage strength gains
Greater overall "pump"Less recovery
More muscle specializationMore central nervous system fatigue
More isolation exercisesNot preferred method for ectomorphs
Greater structure for hypertrophyHigher volume
Favorite of endomorph and mesomorph body
Greater chance of overtraining

Training schedule

  • DAY 1: Chest, back, traps, and abs day
  • DAY 2: Quads and calves day
  • DAY 3: Shoulders and triceps day
  • DAY 4: Hamstrings, back, and biceps day

Sample 4-days-per-week split workout routine for building mass

Chest superset*A1) Barbell bench press4 x 6
A2) Dumbbell incline fly4 x 15
Back supersetB1) Barbell supine row4 x 8
B2) Eccentric pullup
(take 3 seconds to lower)
4 x 10
Chest exerciseC) Dumbbell bench press3 x 10
Back/traps supersetD1) Dumbbell single-arm row3 x 15 to 20 each
D2) Barbell shrug3 x 20
Abs supersetE1) Hanging leg raise5 x 15 to 20
E2) Supine floor reverse crunch5 x 15 to 20
*Supersets consist of putting two different exercises together without taking a break. Perform the exercise pairs (marked "A1" and "A2") as supersets, so you'll complete one set of A1 and then A2 without taking any rest in between. Repeat untill all sets are complete. The same applies to exercises marked as B1&B2, D1&D2, and E1&E2.
Calf supersetA1) Donkey calf raise4 x 20
A2) Jump rope4 x 30 seconds
Bilateral exerciseB) Barbell squat4 x 15, 12, 10, 8
Quads supersetC1) Barbell front squat3 x 8, 6, 4
C2) Dumbbell split squat3 x 5 each leg forward (3 seconds eccentric)
Quads finisherD) Dumbbell walking lunge2 x 20 steps
*Supersets consist of putting two different exercises together without taking a break. Perform the exercise pairs (marked "A1" and "A2") as supersets, so you'll complete one set of A1 and then A2 without taking any rest in between. Repeat untill all sets are complete. The same applies to exercises marked as C1&C2.
Shoulder pushing exerciseA) Barbell standing military press4 x 6
Shoulder exerciseB) Dumbbell Arnold press3 x 8
Shoulder giant setC1) Dumbbell seated press3 x 8
C2) Dumbbell front raise3 x 10
C3) Dumbbell rear deltoid raise3 x 12
C4) Exercise band pull apart3 x 15 to 20
Triceps supersetD1) Barbell close-grip bench press4 x 6
D2) Lying EZ bar overhead extension (skullcrusher)4 x 10 to 12
Triceps finisherE) Parallel dip3 x 30
*Giant sets are similar to supersets – they involve any number of sets of exercises performed one after the other with recovery between each giant set. For more information read the article about the weight training systems.
Total bodyA) Trap bar deadlift4 x 6
Back/hamstring supersetB1) Barbell stiff-legged deadlift3 x 12
B2) Chinup3 x 4
Back/hamstring supersetC1) Barbell romanian deadlift3 x 15
C2) Glute ham raise3 x 8
Biceps supersetD1) Dumbbell standing hammer curl4 x 10
D2) Barbell reverse-grip curl4 x 12

There are numerous ways to work the 4-day split into your week. Choose one of the following options that best fits your daily rhythm (we recommend option A: Alternate work/rest days)

Sample Configuration for 4-Day Bodybuilding Training Split  
Day/OrganizationA. Alternating work/rest daysB. 4 days on, 2 day off, repeatC. 2 days on, 2 days off, repeat
Allows for a greater volume of trainingAllows for a greater balance of training and recoveryAllows for greater recovery
MondayWorkout 1, CardioWorkout 1 + High-intensity cardioWorkout 1, Cardio
TuesdayRestWorkout 2 + CardioWorkout 2 + High-intensity cardio
WednesdayWorkout 2, High-intensity cardioWorkout 3 Rest
ThursdayRestWorkout 4, High-intensity cardioRest
FridayWorkout 3RestWorkout 3, Cardio
SaturdayWorkout 4, High-intensity cardioRestWorkout 4 + High-intensity cardio
SundayRestWorkout 1.... start rotating again....Rest on Sunday & Monday... then start rotating over

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