Calf Raise On Leg Press Machine


Leg Press Calf Raise

This type of calf raise uses the leg press machine, described in the thigh category. It’s time to take some pressure off your lower back and shoulders by doing a version of the heel raise at a leg press machine. Performing calf raises on a leg press machine really allow you to isolate your calves. Avoid doing partial reps, using too much weight will not allow you to fully contract or stretch your calves. Leg press calf raises are a great exercise for overloading your calves to achieve overall development. Because your knees are held straight and your torso is bent 90 degrees to your legs, this exercise is similar to the donkey calf raise.

How to Perform Calf Raise on Leg Press Machine?

SETUP: Load the machine and position yourself with the balls of your feet on the edge of platform, about shoulder-width (hip-width) apart. Extend your legs. Keep your back flat and your hips down against the pad.

EXECUTION: Perform your heel raise by pushing against the balls of your feet to raise the weight then lowering back down as far as possible. Pause for one count at the top of the movement and then return slowly to the starting position. Movement occurs only at the ankles. You can leave a slight bend in the knees or extend your legs fully.

Calf Raise On Leg Press Machine

Calf Raise On Leg Press Machine

Calf Raise On Leg Press Machine – Important Tips & Key Points

  • Position your feet so that only the balls of your feet are on the platform.
  • Push up so that you’re working only your calf muscles.
  • Keep your knees stiff so that movement occurs exclusively at the ankle. Keeping your knees fully straight helps isolate the gastrocnemius. A slight bend at the knees allows the soleus to contribute to the movement.

EXERCISE SAFETY TIPS: Be very careful when performing calf raise on leg press machine. Don’t release the brakes on the leg press machine. Having the brakes engaged won’t affect the calf raise, since you don’t want to bend your knees and lower the platform. And if you mess up and the weight starts to come down, you won’t have to push it back up. (It will probably be more weight than you could use on a leg press.) If your feet are not securely on the edge of the platform, they may slip.

Muscles Involved

  • Primary muscles worked: Gastrocnemius
  • Secondary muscles worked: Soleus

Exercise Variations

SINGLE LEG: Put one foot on the platform and the other on the floor. Always work your weaker leg before your stronger one.

HORIZONTAL CALF RAISE (CALF-SLED MACHINE): The calf-sled machine typically uses a fixed foot plate with resistance transmitted through a mobile torso sled. Sit down on the horizontal calf machine. Position your feet on the platform so only the balls of your feet are on there and your heels are hanging off the edge. Lower your heels for a full stretch then lift the weight by raising your heels as high as possible.

Leg Press Calf Raise Replacement Exercises

  • Donkey Calf Raise
  • Machine Standing Calf Raise
  • Smith-Machine Standing Calf Raise

All of these exercises can be found in our calf exercise database.

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