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This category contains detailed descriptions of all major exercises that focus on the lower back muscles. Read through the exercise descriptions thoroughly so you know exactly what the exercise is going to accomplish, how to execute it properly and safely and how to best incorporate the exercise into your back workouts.

An outstanding lower back is marked by two thick vertical columns of muscles on either side of the lower spine; these are called spinal erectors. They don’t flex in dramatic fashion, like biceps or lats. Although they tend to keep their shape whether you’re relaxing or working out, they must be prominent if you are to have a fully developed back.

The erector spinae muscles are activated whenever extension of the trunk takes place, as in hyperextensions, dead lifts, good mornings, side bends, Nautilus hip and back machines, Nautilus lower-back machines, and Max Contraction machines.

Spinal erectors can easily become strained, or even seriously injured, by improper lifting or by too much work. Yet they are critical in helping to avoid lower back problems, which are common to many people. The more you can develop these muscles, the less likely you are to develop these back problems.

When you first begin to work your lower back, warm up thoroughly and proceed carefully. You don’t need a great deal of weight to build your spinal erectors, given their small size. Proper form is much more important.