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The biceps get more attention than they deserve. Justifying this argument is the fact that this muscle group only makes up about 1/3 of the upper arm. Nonetheless, it is important to take time working on it. As a matter of fact, it is what people mainly use to measure your muscularity. Just make it a point to not treat the biceps as your only muscles. Rather, regard them as a small part of your overall physique.

In this section you will find 15 major biceps movements, each fully described and illustrated. Add in the numerous variations of each basic exercise, and you will have more than 50 biceps exercises in your basic pool of bodybuilding movements. Read through the exercise descriptions thoroughly so you know exactly what the exercise is going to accomplish, how to execute it properly and safely and how to best incorporate the exercise into your biceps workouts.

Biceps exercises are fun to do because you can really see the muscle working. Many people like to train the biceps together with the triceps; although they are both arm movements, they involve muscles on opposite sides of the body that perform entirely different functions. The variety you can add to a training program is endless. You can train the biceps first and then the triceps, or the triceps then the biceps, or you can alternate then, doing first a biceps and then a triceps exercise.

Developing the biceps takes time and patience. Any pulling exercise will work these muscles. If you are having a difficult time developing these muscles, try isolating your arm muscles by inserting an arm-only day into your training program once a week. No single exercise can effectively target a specific area of the biceps, so your keys to success are performing a variety of exercises and using a full range of motion.