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This section contains detailed descriptions off all major single-joint (isolation) exercises that focus on the muscles that act on the hip (gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, gluteus minimus, hip abductors, hip adductors, iliopsoas, and tensor fasciae latae).

These isolation glute & hip exercises are not very effective and they hardly burn any body fat. We advise you to include them into your leg workout only occasionally for the sake of variety.

For best results (muscle growth) you should target your body’s largest and most powerful muscle group (glutes) using compound (multi-joint) movements instead of the isolation exercises.

Although compound quadriceps exercises like the squat (front and back), hack squat, barbell and dumbbell lunge, deadlift, and step-up are traditionally considered quadriceps exercises, they also largely involve the glutes and the hamstring muscles. These exercise are already described in our quadriceps/hamstrings section so we exclude them here to avoid duplicate content.