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In this category you will find detailed descriptions of all major exercises that focus on your front deltoid muscles (anterior deltoids).

Front deltoid exercises can be divided into pressing movements and front raises. In other words, there are only two main exercises for the front deltoid muscles: (1) shoulder press, and (2) front raises. Everything else (as you can see from the exercises in this category) are just variations created by using different types of equipment (barbell, dumbbells, cables, machines).

Keep in mind one very important thing regarding the front deltoids! This zone of the deltoid is the easiest to develop and most bodybuilders already have great front shoulder development from all the years of pressing movements for their chest, but rare is the great set of rear (or lateral) shoulders.

Although many people love the idea of having boulders for shoulders, overworking these muscles can lead to problems. Remember, both the rotator cuff muscles and the deltoids will be worked during any upper body movement.

The anterior (front) deltoids work hard during pushing movements such as bench presses or push-ups. If you do chest presses and shoulder presses, the addition of front raises to your shoulder program is probably overkill. In that case, choosing only one exercise (such as dumbbell shoulder press) for the front deltoid muscles in your shoulder workout program is more than enough. Instead, try to focus more on developing your lateral and posterior (rear) deltoid muscles.