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Chest training may bring up the front shoulders (anterior deltoids), but back training rarely leads to great rear deltoids. This is why you must include rear deltoid exercises to balance out your shoulder development. With regards to the side shoulders (lateral delts), let us say here and now that there has never been a bodybuilder penalized for having shoulders too wide!

In this category you will find detailed descriptions of all major exercises that focus on your rear shoulders, or rear deltoid muscles.

Bent-over lateral raise (bent-over laterals) is the main rear deltoid exercise. This is the bent-over version of regular side laterals. By bending over, the stress is shifted from the side to the rear delts. You can perform bent-over laterals free standing, seated, or with your head braced on a high bench. The latter is for those with lower back problems or individuals who have a tendency to swing the weight up. Furthermore, you can use dumbbells, cables, and other exercise equipment (resistance band) to perform bent-over laterals.