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Before performing any heavy shoulder or chest training you really should warm up the shoulder region. Do shoulder rotations (both external and internal) as a simple exercise involving very light weight. You should perform a few sets of these important exercises before any shoulder or chest exercises. Always take a couple of minutes to warm up the shoulders with some light exercises before moving on to heavier pressing and lateral movements. And always be sure to do rotator-cuff exercises two or three times a week. Guys hate to do these because the weights are so low. Besides, they feel as if they are wasting their time because they get no muscular development from the movement. But look at it this way: if you do rotator-cuff exercises, a few years down the road you will still be able to do heavy chest, back, shoulder and arm work, whereas those who did not strengthen their inner shoulders will be using pansy-ass weights trying in vain to save whatever muscle they already built.

Rotator Cuff Empty-Can Exercise

Empty-Can Exercise

Empty-Can Exercise Empty-Can is an important rotator cuff exercise because it strengthens the supraspinatus muscle,…