Gym Rat and Gym Newbie


Gym Rat and Gym Newbie Video: Trouble in Gym Land

First Time at the Gym

The gym can be a scary place, especially if you are new to fitness and unfamiliar with gym protocol (gym newbie). But don’t worry. This is just a funny video that shows several unfriendly gym rats who will do anything to spoil your self-confinednce and motivation. There are always bad seeds at the gyms, but fortunately most of the people are really happy to welcome new folks, especially people who are out of the shape and who have really strong will to come and do something about it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone make fun of someone at a gym before. More often than not you’ll see the bigger, more experienced guys eagerly helping out the newer, less experienced people.

Don’t be a jerk to newbies at the gym. They may be annoying, but they are probably scared to death and halfway embarrassed to even be there. Just think how they feel. It’s very frustrating to be the weakest guy at the gym. Everyone is strong and fit, and they are just a twiggy skinny guys that can’t lift much weight at all. If you enjoy making fun of people who are in the gym trying to be more healthy and fit, then you are really a bad person.

How To Survive Being A Newbie In The Gym

Do not be discouraged. Don’t worry about what others think. It is perfectly normal if you feel insecure. Even the bulkiest bodybuilder or the fastest athlete started somewhere. No one is born with bulging arms or a defined pecs; these transformations happen as the result of hard work performed consistently. None of these individuals will judge you for getting started; in fact, they’ve all been in the very same spot that you’re now in. Are they making fun of you because you can’t lift as much or is it because of your weight? If it’s because you can’t lift as much don’t worry, all of us have been there. Just focus on getting good form and technique down then once you have that you can go heavy.

People who make fun of others do so because of their own poor self esteem as well as envy. It’s due to they’re own insecurities and you could use that as a massive motivator to work harder. If you do not react, they have accomplished nothing, only showed themselves for who they really are. Focus only on achieving your goal, not what other people may be talking about. Show people at the gym that you are present, dedicated, and making progress. In no time, people will be approaching you for advice.

Grab an ipod, headphones, and turn your music up loud. Make it your world. Nobody else exists. Get your workout done, call it a day, and come back again.

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