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Home Bodyweight Workout

Inspirational Workout Video

Don’t have time to go to the gym today? That’s OK! Many folks absolutely love the prospect of being able to train efficiently in the convenience of their own home. All you need is your own physical being, and you’ll never be without equipment or a facility and you’ll never need a spotter.

Here’s how you can get a full-body workout with nothing but your body. Check out these great bodyweight exercises you can do almost anywhere. You can do this challenging workout in your own backyard or you could easily do this in a park or anywhere outdoors (or even indoors) that gives you some room to move.

The bodyweight exercises that you will find in this inspirational workout video are proof that you do not need money to build a strong, lean and muscular body. You can work out all your major muscle groups by choosing only a few great multi-joint (compound) exercises.

The exercises you can see in this home bodyweight workout video will cover all your major muscle groups, and even the smaller muscles that will work hard to keep you stable during compound movements, and address cardio fitness also.

This guy (Adam Raw – a bar athlete from the Czech Republic) is performing just 4 basic exercises with some variations: (1) pull-ups (chin-ups), (2) hanging leg raises (leg lifts), (3) push-ups, and (4) jump squats.

All you need for this home bodyweight workout is a chinning bar. You can go to a park or even make your own chinning bar by hanging a hunk of PVC pipe from the crossbeams of your garage.

Bodyweight movements are natural, functional, and athletic. They ready your body for the way it’ll be used every day. You can get some impressive results from a weight-free workout, especially when you use these top bodyweight moves for building more muscle, burning more fat, and strengthening the core. One more reason to try this home bodyweight workout plan.

One of the biggest myths in fitness is that you can’t build serious strength or significant muscle mass with bodyweight exercises. The fact is that all your body knows is time and tension. Time describes how long the muscles are placed under a given tension, and tension describes the amount of muscular force that is required to execute a given movement or hold a certain position. Though most people think that the only way to get super strong and muscular is to do heavy weight training, all you need to do is select intense-enough movements that require you to create maximal force and activate more muscle fibers. It’s the unique combination of high-tension exercises and sufficient training volume (amount of work or sets/reps completed) that is the key to building strength and muscle, regardless of whether the exercise is equipment based or equipment free.

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