How to Walk and Talk Like A – Bodybuilder?


How to Walk and Talk Like A – Bodybuilder?

Bodybuilder After the Gym Be Like: Super Bodybuilder Bros

This funny video is simply awesome! Why? Because it’s based on a true stories. Pride or arrogance? Are all bodybuilders full of themselves? There is no doubt in my mind there are some who are like this. This ridiculous bodybuilder will not miss not even single opportunity to bring out famous bodybuilding poses. 

Do you recognize yourself in this video or see anyone you know? Heaven knows we have all seen them so many times—the ones who simply cannot pass a mirror—or, for that matter, a storefront plate-glass window—without admiring their own reflection, often accompanied by a perfection-enhancing brush of the hair with the hand. And they like what they see.

No offense but they seem to be so full of themselves. Even when they have pretty girl beside them, they would rather look at themselves in the mirror than look at the girl. When I see these guys I always think they walk like they have sunburn. 🙂

Come on some of you, get a sense of humour! It’s a joke stereotype, it doesn’t mean all bodybuilders are like this, and if people laugh at it they aren’t making fun of you and your dedication to fitness, only of the ones who love themselves like this guy and are constantly posing at every opportunity! This lovable tanned bodybuilder totally looks like Super Mario Bros. BTW, Super Mario background music stole the show.

Be free to share this with someone who can relate to this video. And the most important – don’t forget to talk and walk like a bodybuilder. 😉 But be careful! There’s confidence, and then there’s arrogance. Success can lead to arrogance quickly if you aren’t careful. That arrogance can flow into other areas of your life and rub people the wrong way. Those people may include the very people who supported you from the beginning.

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