Incline EZ-bar Lying Triceps Extension


Incline EZ-bar Lying Triceps Extension

Incline Overhand Triceps Extension

As the name already suggest, the incline EZ-bar lying triceps extension is done lying on an incline bench with an EZ-bar which is said to hit the muscle group at a different angle stressing in a new way. Simply thinking about the position of the torso relative to the elevated arms will explain this. Being on a flat bench and raising the arms straight up as in the top of a bench press is a reference point. When inclining the torso from this position, the arms will make an obtuse angle with the lower body. This stretch is what hits the long head of the triceps hard, as the arm should be pointed as far toward your back as comfortably possible to receive the best stretch of the long head.

Incline EZ-bar Lying Triceps Extension Exercise Instructions

STARTING POSITION (SETUP): Recline on an incline bench set to 30-45 degrees and raise a barbell overhead with an overhand grip (palms facing up and away from you). Place your hands just a little closer together than shoulder-width on a barbell (4 to 6 inches apart). Hold the bar above your forehead with your arms fully extended.

Incline EZ-bar lying triceps extension

Incline EZ-bar lying triceps extension

MOVEMENT (ACTION): Bend your elbows to begin slowly lowering the bar until it is behind your head. In other words, lower the bar in a semicircular motion behind your head until your forearms touch your biceps. Pause when your forearms are parallel to the floor. Push the weights back up to full arm extension. Always keep your upper arms stationary (motionless) and close to your head at all times. Only the forearms should move.

Useful Tips & Tricks

Proper form has to be maintained while performing this triceps exercise for it to be effective. Doing it incorrectly may lead to injury or lack of achievement of the fitness goal. It is therefore crucial that one performs this exercise using the right technique in order to achieve the best from the exercise.

  • Don’t allow your elbows to flare out. Keep them tucked in and primarily facing forward.
  • Don’t move your upper arms.
  • Lower the weight in control so that you feel a complete stretch in your triceps.
  • Don’t use too much weight. Instead focus on the range of motion.

Exercise Variations

In general, triceps extension can be done on many different ways. It has many variations as it can be performed in standing, flat lying, declined, and inclined positions. The different positions affect the difficulty of the exercise. You can do this exercise with a barbell (either straight or EZ-bar can be used), a pair of dumbbells or using crossover machine. Let’s take a closer look on how to perform the incline triceps extension using crossover (cable-pulley) machine.

Cable incline triceps extension

Cable incline triceps extensions require an adjustable bench and crossover machine. Start by adjusting the bench to a 45° angle. Adjust a pulley to a high position and attach a straight bar attachment to the cable. Go lay down on the bench, and grab the bar with a narrow grip. Keep your upper arms perpendicular and forearms parallel to the bench. Push the bar downwards using only your forearms, and when your arms are fully straight, return the bar to its initial position and repeat. Using weight which allows you to perform 8-12 reps before failure is the most efficient way to stimulate muscle growth.

Cable incline triceps extension

Cable incline triceps extension

Replacement Exercises

You can perform triceps extension in a seated position or while standing upright if lying position doesn’t suit you.

Furthermore, there are numerous alternatives that can be done on various forms of equipment, such as dumbbells, cables and machines.

Muscles Involved in Incline EZ-bar Lying Triceps Extension

Incline EZ-bar lying triceps extension focuses primarily on the triceps long head, which attaches above the shoulder joint, unlike the other two triceps heads. This is important because the long head is stretched only when your arm is raised overhead. For a muscle to undergo a strong contraction, it must be fully stretched first. So when your arms are overhead, that’s when you’re really targeting the long head.

  • Main muscles: triceps
  • Secondary muscles: anconeus
  • Antagonists: Biceps, brachialis, brachioradialis

Closing Thoughts

Because of its single joint nature, this triceps exercise qualifies as an isolation exercise and is therefore perfect for working the triceps. Since this exercise solely targets the triceps without any help from other muscle groups, the result is usually strong and larger- looking triceps.

More precisely, the incline EZ-bar lying triceps extension works the biggest and strongest part of the triceps muscle (long head of the triceps), covering the inside and back of your upper arm. If you’re trying to build triceps strength to improve your bench press, this is an interesting alternative. It feels odd at first and can be tough on your elbows, but you should feel (and see) a difference in your triceps’ size and strength after a couple of workouts.

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