Never Skip Leg Day


Never Skip Leg Day

This is what happens when you skip leg day. Every leg day – to be more precise! This bodybuilder has done a good job of getting buff, but he seems to be forgetting about his lower half.

As you can see from this funny video, some people lift for show and ignore what’s below. Although this funny video is probably fake, the reality is that such men could be found in every gym on the planet. This quasi bodybuilder represents the worst case of chicken legs I have ever seen. This is the best possible proof you need to never skip leg day again.

I wonder if he was horrible injured and was in a wheelchair for a while and lost a lot of his muscle which probably shows why his upper body is still fairly large from rolling himself around.

This ridiculous bodybuilder probably walks around the gym looking like he might fall over any minute, with his huge upper body and his skinny legs. Or maybe he’s the one who suspiciously always wears long sweat pants even though he’s wearing a tank-top that doesn’t leave anything about his chest or arms to the imagination.

We get it you want your guns to look like walnuts and have washboard abs. A lot of people who get into lifting often skip leg day because it is hard, and you don’t get to really show it off. But do you really think the toothpick leg look is a good one to have? We really think that you should have a well rounded workout, hopefully this video will teach you to never skip leg day. Leg day is vital to a gym routine and should never be skipped.  It is possibly the most important day at the gym for the many reasons.

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