Protein scoop is always at the bottom?


Gym Humor: Protein scoop is always at the bottom?

Do you get frustrated when opening a new protein powder tub and can’t find the scoop? You are not alone! How many bodybuilders have had this happen to them? So your last jug of protein has finished and the delivery man has just handed over your new container. You can’t handle your excitement knowing that you can finally drink protein shakes again. One problem, though… the protein scoop is way at the bottom. How annoying, right? And this happens all the time! Most of us have never received a tub of protein where the scoop was actually right on top. So you pretty much find yourself getting your hands messy, trying to locate where the company has placed that annoying scoop.

Unbelievably, but protein scoop is almost always at the bottom. This happens with all kinds of protein supplements including dairy, soy, and whey protein. No exceptions in this story. How is this even possible? Perhaps some crazy bodybuilder is going into stores to shake all of the whey containers in his spare time to make sure the scoops are always at the bottom.

Okay, we’re just kidding. Here’s the real truth. During the manufacturing process, the scoops are placed on top after the containers are filled with powder. However, during transportation the scoop is often covered with sticky protein powder and ends up at the bottom of the container, forcing consumers to dig for the scoop.

However, as you will be able to see on the end of this funny video clip, the solution for the elusive protein scoop issue is actually very simple! How about they put the scoop right under the cap? If they refuse we are smart enough to try something even better. Just make sure you save a scoop from the previous protein container so that you don’t have to go through that ever again.

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