Ukraine’s amazing outdoor gym


Kachalka – Ukraine’s Amazing Outdoor Gym

Gym Under the Open Sky

Life is full of amazing things. Kachalka – Ukraine’s amazing outdoor gym is for sure one of them. There are several free gyms under the open sky to provide you with your regular endorphin boost.

In this bodybuilding motivational video you can see Kachalka – famous and unusual outdoor gym in Ukraine. The Ukrainian word Kachat means “to pump“. Working out on these mostly homemade, archaic-looking machines is an equalizing experience. Keep-fit enthusiasts can enjoy a workout under the open sky.

The genius behind the installation is Ukrainian engineer Yuri Kook, who opened the park next to the Dneiper River in the 1970s. Today it offers training facilities across 10,000 square meters of floor area for anyone who wants to get in shape. The use of Kachalka is free and it is used intensively from the early morning until late at night. The facility is financed by donations.

This gym offers a variety of weather-resistant machines available for the public’s use, and cost absolutely nothing. Typically, you’ll be able to find rowing, cycling, step and weights machines, although some gyms have a wider selection. The machines are comprised mainly of scrap metal – things such as old car parts and machinery – and contains around 200 weight stations.

Many people come here not for fun but for good training. Some of them are teenagers and women, but mostly men aged 20-40. As you can see from the video, some sports nuts prefer to use salvaged tank chains and tires instead of barbells to beef up. Bodybuilders are still getting pumped up Soviet-style. Check out these amazing video because Kachalka is perhaps the most hardcore outdoor gym in the world. I love how everything is chained up, kind of scary, but I’d give it a shot. Not sure I’d stay long, but worth a try. Would you train here?

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