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Motivation – Your Before and After Pics
Show us your body transformations!

Have you made a dramatic change either by gaining muscle or by losing fat? If so, send us your pics and/or successful transformation story to: [email protected]

We get so many great before and after pictures from you guys, and all of the people who send those pictures are brave enough to let us share with all of the rest of the Bodybuilding Wizard Family, just to possibly inspire someone else to make healthy eating and exercising commitments in their own lives. Just view these amazing muscle gain and fat loss transformation images.

All of these pictures are truly motivating and many people have thanked us for giving them the opportunity to motivate others. The people below have undergone incredible, and incredibly unique, transformations. They’re radically changed their lives and redefined their visions of fitness. They’re here to motivate and guide you on your own personal journey.

What we need from you? One or two pictures where we can see your body before and after transformation. You can also write your own success story if you like to. Help us to create world’s largest collection of male and female body transformations online!

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