Tulum Jungle Gym – World’s Best Beach Gym


Tulum Jungle Gym – World’s Best Beach Gym

How do you workout on vacation? Being on vacation doesn’t mean your workout stays home. For those traveling to the beach-y resort location of Tulum, Mexico, you can get a solid workout while enjoying the sun.

Sure, you could always go for a run on any beach, but when it comes to lifting weights, travelers are often limited to using their own bodies for resistance in the form of push ups, sit ups, lunges and pull ups. Fortunately, if you’re heading to Mexico’s Riviera Maya – specifically to the popular tourist destination of Tulum – The Tulum Jungle Gym provides both fun and functional solution to this age-old challenge.

The Fred Flintstone – inspired gym allows you to unleash your inner beast using wood and stone equipment without ever having to leave the sunshine. Therefore, you will get your healthy dose of vitamin D in no time.

The Tulum Jungle Gym was founded by Alastair and Katie Davies, two successful fitness trainers who wanted to create an eco-friendly gym with a beach setting. Therefore, this gym makes it easy to stay in shape while enjoying the white sand beaches of Mexico’s Riviera Maya.

At Tulum Jungle Gym you can workout barefoot, pushing logs, lifting rocks, throwing coconuts, hanging, jumping, and climbing.

The Tulum Jungle Gym is set up directly on the beach. This gym is very unique since 99% of the equipment is made from all natural materials. Dumbbells made from stones, barbells made from wood. You can climb a rope and play around on the rings right on the beach overlooking the sea.

Conclusion: Spice up your vacation with beach workout

There are plenty of perks to vacationing near the beach: an extra dose of sunshine, playing in the water, and, of course, exercising on the sand. Hitting the beach has historically been synonymous with umbrella drinks, paperbacks and a whole lot of relaxation. But thanks to a new wave of fitness-minded beach enthusiasts, that’s an outdated image. By combining the built-in magic of Mother Nature (debris-free sand, good weather and some killer natural playgrounds) with human touches like runner-friendly boardwalks, the beach has become one of the best destinations to work up a sweat.

Tulum Jungle Gym is definitely the world’s best beach gym. With the sun, sea, and sand as your playing ground, it’s a workout for the mind, body, and soul. Whether you’re into CrossFit, calisthenics, gymnastics, bodybuilding, weight lifting or any other type of gym-related fitness, the Tulum Jungle Gym has exactly what you’re looking for.

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