Bodybuilder Can’t Reach Sticker on His Back


How to troll a bodybuilder?

This funny video will show you how to piss off any bodybuilder. This huge bodybuilder had a unique problem when one of his friends challenged him to remove a sticker stuck to his back. He tries twisting his arms in all directions but without success. Reaching his back from the top, bottom and over the shoulder was also doomed to failure. Hilariously, his shoulders were so huge he couldn’t reach the sticker and his friends laughed hysterically. Well, being a bodybuilder is not that easy as you might think. At last! Some excuses to not go to the gym! BTW, he still has the sticker on the back till today!

The contest between another man and the weight-lifter was filmed at a gym in Tel Aviv, Israel.

If you’re out-of-shape gym goer you can always get your revenge on bodybuilder by slapping a sticker on his back! You should definitely try this trick with your huge gym buddy and send us your video!

Am I the only one who felt uncomfortable and itchy at the same area on my back at his repeated failures to get the sticker off?

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