Bodybuilder Dancing Like A Robot


Bodybuilder Dancing Like A Robot

Funny Bodybuilding Posing Routine

Watch this bodybuilder do the robot dance routine on stage!

Some bodybuilders go for the more ordinary stage performances that are usually not something people will talk about but are harder to screw up while others try to bring something new and fresh on the stage, just to make people have a good time, laugh and admire those big muscles.

The thing is that it’s not enough to have an astonishing body with carved muscles in order to win a bodybuilding contest.  It is necessary to come up with a cool and awesome posing routine that will show every detail of your muscle fibers and that will also be artistic or at least funny!

Richard Tricky Jackson is a 43 year old bodybuilder and he is a relic in the eyes of novices that are a lot more younger than him but the fire from his blood and the ascending trajectory of his life still inspires them to worship him. When he was was in high school, break dance was popular and he was a great dancer so they named him “Tricky” (skilled).

With his awesome posing routine he managed to make the crowd laugh at least once and that’s a good thing which matters and makes the difference between a winner and a loser. Just watch him show off his terminator moves. From this bodybuilder you can learn several really awesome robotic mechanical dance moves to add to your robot dance. This “robot” can also dance like Michael Jackson!

Bodybuilding movements like biceps curls are what I call “moving like a robot”. In order to do the robot in dance, it’s important to know how to be grounded and how to sink in with the shoulders.

I hope you had fun watching this amusing video with the funniest bodybuilding posing routines!

Check out the routine and let us know what you think.

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