Bunk Bed Pull Up Video


Bunk Bed Pull Ups – Use What You Got

This is exactly how every fitness enthusiast should go to bed. Some people really can’t live without pull ups any more. This funny video is all the proof you need. Now you know what is the best possible way to finish your day.

Most everyone craves an athletic, cut physique but they fail to master the basic, multi-joint exercises that work best – pull-ups. But this guy is not one of them.

Pull ups are the kind of exercise that can be done almost anywhere. Who says you need fancy equipment to get a solid strength workout? You can always find a branch on a tree or pole somewhere where you live. You can even use your own bed to perform a few extra repetitions before going to sleep. Bed with a metal frame is also perfect for hanging. Bunk beds are also pull up bars. A doorway pull up bar can also be good option.

Bunk bed pull-ups are very often performed by a prisoners. Ever since prisoners have been locked up in a small holding pen – they have come up with some pretty ingenious ways to keep active and workout.  For most of them it has been more of a need to get big and survive to live another day in the hellish lifestyle of prison.

The only way to do more pullups is to do pullups. There is no other way, as Arnold Schwarzenegger puts it: “Even if you can do just one pull up do 10 of them (one by one).”

After just one bunk bed pull up you will fall asleep like a baby.

Just because you have a gym membership that you actually use doesn’t mean that you can’t have a few things at home for doing other types of workouts that you don’t have time for at the gym, or for those days that you just can’t make it to the club. You just have to be creative. The gym is everywhere: all you need to do is adapt and do the work.

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