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This section contains detailed descriptions of all major exercises that focus on the middle back muscles, including the latissimus dorsi (lat), teres major, and the rhomboids (just below the trapezius). Bodybuilders tend to divide middle back training exercises into two categories: (a) those for width, and (b) those for thickness.

Width exercises place most of their stimulation on the outer edges of the upper and lower lats, helping to emphasize the V-shape. The best width exercises are variations of pull-ups, chin-ups and lat pulldowns.

Thickness exercises tend to place most of their stress on the center of the back, giving it a meaty look. The best exercises for adding mass to the center of the back are rowing movements (seated cable row, barbell row, one arm dumbbell row, machine row, etc.).

Compared to pull-ups, rowing exercises help you gain more thickness but less width. So rows and pull-ups are complementary exercises for the back.

The following exercises are among the most popular used by pro bodybuilders for adding width, thickness and strength to the middle back area.